Haunted House in Archer Florida

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Haunted House in Archer

By: Anne Imanuel, WCJB TV20 News

You've been to "haunted houses" before, but how about a house that's really haunted? Scholars and the residents of one home in North Central Florida say the hauntings are real.

"There is a woman that appears in a white dress, you can hear people going up and down the steps, lights go on and off with nobody else in the home," says Linda Kasicki.

Kasicki has lived in Archer with her husband for 15 years and says without a doubt the house is haunted. The home was built back in the late 1800's and Kasicki says the spirits literally ran the previous owners out after they tried to remodel.

"We are changing what they have done." says Kasicki. "Taking out the new cupboards, taking out the ceilings they dropped, putting the ceilings back where they belong... Fixing certain doorways we need to restore."

Psychologist Andrew Nichols specializes in the paranormal. After extensive research he says he believes the Kasicki house does indeed have paranormal activity, but he's cautious to say it's the haunting of the dead.

"I think ghosts, or apparitions as we call them, are something that's seen in the mind's eye of the person who's having the experience," says Nichols.

He says the Kasicki house is believed to be built on a fault line with strong magnetic fields that may create images.

Still Kasicki and many others who have visited the home say it's more than just energy.

So why would anyone want to live in a haunted house?

For Kasicki,"It's not a frightening feeling, it's a comforting feeling. You are never alone."

Hhmmm...Archer is right down the road from me. I wonder if I could, somehow, befriend these people so that I could get into this place???

Had the oppoutunity to hear the details direct from Dr. Nichols..........he had some interesting points about this specific haunting.......

Do share Kegger!!!!!!!!!

His take on Hauntings is that we (the indiv) cause the apparition to appear....you can say our inner "superego".....some of his angles are food for thought.........He believes that is why no real physical evidence exists.....? 

so we make them up?


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