The "Rain Boy" Case

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Quote from: Ghostseeker1 on July 11, 2006, 07:45:03 AM

I remember seeing this a long time ago. Freaked me the hell out too.

I never heard of it but it is weird. I've tried to look up other cases and never sould find a word about them. I guess if folks want to stay anonymous they will..and can you blame them?

I grew up with Don Decker (RAIN BOY).

I also am very good friends with Pam Scarfano(the lady who gave him the crucifix,burning his neck)

I also know the cops who investigated this incident.

None of these people could be described as crazy or liars. There is even a clergyman involved in the case. (I think he is a catholic priest, but I am not sure.)

We are from a small town , Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania and at the time that tis happened, twenty years ago already, everyone knew everyone else.  It still freaks us out.

I havn'e seen Donald Decker for years, but I think about him often.  I wonder if he's OK.

If anybody knows anything please reply.

That's cool that you know him. Does he still live locally to you?

I havent heard from him.  I google his name every once in a while. It turns out that a few months ago a french film crew was in town filming a special about the case.  Has any one else heard about him?


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